Video frame - Creative Handicrafts

Creative Handicrafts at work – video

A short video slideshow on the different initiatives taken by Creative Handicrafts to empower women and to change lives.
Duration: 2 min 46 sec

Woman sewing - Creative Handicrafts Coop

Equosolidale Fair Trade (Italian) – video

Equosolidale Fair Trade – partner video (Italian)
Duration: 5 min 21 sec

Woman finishing garments - Creative Handicrafts fair trade

Artisans du Monde – partner video (French)

Artisans du Monde – parole de partenaires Creative Handicrafts. Duration: 9 min 23 sec Video produced by Artisans du Monde (France).

Woman making a doll - Creative Handicrafts Coop

Empowering Women, Changing Lives – video

A photo montage of the activities at Creative Handicrafts.   Visit Creative Handicrafts YouTube channel

Creative Handicrafts video still image

Creative Handicrafts video en Español

Hacer del mundo un lugar menos desigual. Vídeo presentacion de Creative Handicrafts, organización de Comercio Justo de La India. Duración: 29 min

Creative Handicrafts video still image

Making The World A Less Unequal Place – documentary

A documentary on the origins, programs and aims of Creative Handicrafts Mumbai. Duration: 29 mins


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